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Basic Computer Course 4 Weeks Workshop

Ideal for a person who has little to no computer experience, they will be able to learn how to operate key computer hardware and understand the basics of PC software using Microsoft Office Suite.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:


  • Identify key computer hardware items
  • Identify correct cables and units to connect and power up computer, hardware & associated Peripherals.
  • Operate hardware items to perform intended purpose
  • Understanding main function of each hardware item


Using MS Word essentials to:

  • Create a basic word document
  • Using most common editing functions using the tool bar
  • Opening, saving, save-as and file management using Microsoft platform
  • Format a professional document
  • Using additional features such as tables, graphics, and print function

Using MS Excel essentials to:

  • Entering data into a basic spreadsheet
  • Creating and using basic formulas such as sum, IF function, and arithmetic
  • Using and understanding relative and absolute cell referencing and autofill function
  • Creating basic charts and printing spreadsheets

Using MS PowerPoint essentials to:

  • Create a catchy animated slide presentation, using
  • Adding smart art, Inserting Shapes & Inserting an image
  • Slide transitions
  • Adding animations

Using MS Access essential to:

  • Creating a simple database to store manage and cater data
  • Key features In filtering and sorting data
  • Running queries
  • Producing reports

Using MS Outlook essential to:

  • Email application to send and receive emails
  • Storing emails by creating and editing folders
  • Inserting documents into emails
  • Creating a signature

Target Audience:

This course is designed primarily for people who have little to no computing experience. This course aims to build awareness and confidence in using both computer hardware and common software programs. Key focuses of the program is to build a level of common understanding to enable confidence to allow further training and education either on-the-job or class room for the user to become a productive participant. Highly recommended participants have access to a computer to allow continued practice of our training material after the completion of this course.


4 Weeks

Online or In-person available


High quality learning material including hands-on training and exercises, participants will also be presented with a certificate of achievement upon the completion of the course.

Course Fees

$660 + GST

To Find out more please call (02) 96350015 or email

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