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Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment Services

One of the most critical contributions that Works4You will make to the success of your organisation is our expertise in identifying and recruiting high performing people. Our ability to achieve this mission consistently is endorsed by the new business we receive as a result of referrals from satisfied clients. Because of our success rate, we're able to save you time and money. We quickly tap into an enormous pool of talent of potential candidates to begin our short-list of candidates for your review and hire.

Stepping towards recruitment success - the Works4You way

  • Taking the brief - We meet with you and the key stakeholders and formulate a detailed assignment brief. We will agree on the competencies that will be probed at interview to guarantee that your next hire will be successful and deliver a return on your investment.
  • Candidate sourcing strategy - We guide you through the process of formatting and placing all advertising in relation to the assignment. As a member of CareersMultiList we receive volume discounts on their online advertising. We will pass on this volume discount to you.
  • Competency/ behavioural interviewing - Behavioural interviewing asserts that "the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation." This approach provides an accurate prediction, in conjunction with our other processes, of job performance. Behavioural interviewing allows the interviewer to gather evidence that the candidate possesses the critical capabilities required for successful job performance. It is these critical capabilities, called competencies that identify the very best performers in a given job.
  • Comprehensive consultant comments - We provide a detailed summary on all the short listed candidates. These comments will include a summary of the candidates' background, achievements, motivations and career interests.
  • Reference and background checking - Reference checking is essential in the recruitment process. We investigate the candidates' prior employment and speak with the relevant contacts to ascertain the candidates' performance against the key criteria and competencies required for in the position being considered. We can arrange and coordinate other police checks, in-depth background and history checks as requested by you.
  • Pre placement negotiation - We facilitate the offer and acceptance between you and the candidate. We will advise you as to the candidate's salary packaging expectations and options. We work with the candidate to evaluate this offer so as to "fireproof" them for any possible counter offers they may receive from their current employer or from other prospective employers.
  • Post placement candidate care - We put into place a formal review dates to measure candidate/client satisfaction. We maintain contact with you and the candidate to ensure mutual satisfaction. Should any areas of concern arise we will facilitate dialogue to ensure a successful long term placement where you will gain return on your investment.
  • Psychometric Testing as a Key Tool in Executive Selection - Psychometric testing provides an objective summary of an individual's abilities, behavioural style and cultural fit and is an excellent predictor of performance. We will provide you a range of affordable administered and online tests that ensure team and position compatibility.