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Temporary to Permanent

Temporary (temp) to Permanent (perm)

Temp to perm hiring arrangements provide employers and employees a trial period of time (between 3 months to 6 months) to examine each other.

  • How does an employer know a candidate really has the knowledge or skill to master the job requirements?
  • How does an employee know he or she will like the employer's atmosphere or personality?

By using temp to perm hiring arrangements some of the guesswork is removed. A temp to perm candidate works as a Works 4 You employee for a set period of time (6 months), giving each party time to evaluate the other. After the employee has fulfilled the set time period on Works 4 You payroll, each is given the option to make the match a permanent one, and the employee goes from the Works 4 You to the employer's payroll.

Temp to Perm - What's in it for you?

Prompt supply of staff to trial

You will have access to our vast data base of pre-qualified, tested and reference checked staff. They are ready to work and are available to start at your convenience.

No hidden hourly costs - all inclusive hourly service fee

Our service fee to you is exactly that - it includes all statutory costs, payroll tax, workers' compensation, superannuation, annual leave, public holidays and sick pay provisions.

6 Month Probation (Works 4 You Payroll)

During the initial appointment of Works 4 You candidate a temporary employment arrangement (refer to temporary terms and conditions) will be negotiated. During this set time period you the employer have the ability to qualify and assess Works 4 You candidate, only incurring the hourly cost of employment.

At the conclusion of the set time period you have the option of pursuing employment of Works 4 You candidate thru your payroll (for no additional cost), or terminating the arrangement.

100% Australian Owned

Works 4 You has been in business since 1999 and we are 100% Australian owned. We pride ourselves on the level of service that we give to our customers. If you don't want to feel "just like another number" then you will be delighted by our customer care philosophy.

Works 4 You Candidate Care and Recognition Program.

Every month, Works 4 You recognises outstanding Works 4 You employees with the Works 4 You employee of the Month Award.

This is your opportunity to nominate a Works 4 You employee/s who has demonstrated a consistently high level of hard work, dedication and professionalism during their employment in your organisation. All nominees will receive the Works 4 You Employee of the Month Award.

Recipients of this award are then in contention for the Works 4 You employee of the Year Award, announced each January.