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Permanent Recruitment

Terms & Conditions

Fixed service fee and salary packages

  • Our service fee is fixed regardless of the length of time involved to complete the assignment unless the specification or original brief is varied. Naturally, such an eventuality would incur additional service fees as agreed between works4you and you.
  • The salary package for the service fee described for permanent recruitment service and executive search service made base salary, superannuation, allowances, benefits and a company car (which is routinely valued at $20,000 per annum) on a per annum basis.
  • Where commission forms part of the salary package, works4you will negotiate with you the package component of this commission prior to works4you undertaking the assignment. This allows an agreed figure to be established on which to base the relevant service fee payable to works4you.
  • If the successful candidate is employed by you on a part time basis or for a period of less than 1 year, the salary package base is annualised and works4you service fee is the relevant percentage based on the annualised salary package.
  • A minimum service fee of $3,000 + GST will apply