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Google Suite (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail) (Intermediate) - 4 Day Course

This course is tailored for people who have a basic understanding of the Google Suite and wish to "brush up" and improve their skills with this personal or business program.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this courseware participants will be able to:


1. Use Google Docs essentials to:
·         Create a professional word document

·         Using key editing functions and keyboard shortcuts

·         Formatting features including tables and graphics

·         Using Themes and Styles in your document

·         Adding a table of contents to a document

·         Adding a border to a page

·         Adding a watermark

·         Email the document as an attachment

·         Use the outline function to skip ahead in a document

·         Share the document (with friends or the internet)

·         Publish your document to the web

·         Use add-ons for the software



2. Use Google Sheets essentials to:
·         Entering data into a spreadsheet

·         Creating and using formulas such as sum, IF Function and arithmetic formulas.

·         Use V-Look up tables

·         Setting up a Spreadsheet to use for mail merge

·         Pivot Table

·         Creating charts, normal tables etc.

·         Understanding relative and absolute cell references

·         Using Auto-fill function

·         Using the program to store, manage and enter data

·         Filtering and sorting data as well


3. Use Gmail essentials to:
·         Send and receive emails

·         Storing emails by creating and editing folders

·         Inserting documents into emails

·         Creating signatures

·         Creating an email account

·         Using categories

·         Attaching documents to emails


4. Use Google Slides essentials to:
·         Create a catchy animated slide presentation

·         Adding Diagrams, Videos, Charts, etc.

·         Inserting Shapes

·         Inserting an image

·         Slide Transitions

·         Adding animations

·         Adding a theme to the slideshow

·         Printing slides

·         Publishing slides to the web

Target Audience:

This course is designed for users with a basic or self-taught understanding of the Google Suite application program. This course aims to further explore key features and functions and apply to a personal or business setting to enable users to better understand how to apply in their own setting.

Participants at the end of this courseware will be better able to produce high quality/more productive business software material.


4 Days

• 9:30 am till 4:30 pm

• 1 hour lunch break


High quality learning material including hands-on training and exercises, participants will also be presented with a certificate of achievement upon the completion of the course.

Course Fees

$520 + GST

To Find out more please call (02) 9635 0015 or email

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