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Microsoft Office Suite (Intermediate) - 4 Day Course

This course is tailored for people who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Office and wish to "brush up" and improve their skills with this most popular business program.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this courseware participants will be able to:

1. Using MS Word essentials to:

  • Create a professional word document
  • Using key editing functions and keyboard shortcuts
  • Formatting features including tables, graphics, and clip art
  • Using Themes and Styles in your document
  • Adding a table of contents to a document
  • Using mail merge function, to prepare an email (also uses MS Excel)
  • Adding a border to a page
  • Adding a watermark

2. Using MS Excel essentials to:

  • Entering data into a spreadsheet
  • Creating and using formulas such as sum, IF Function and arithmetic formulas.
  • Use V-Look up tables
  • Setting a Spreadsheet to use for mail merge
  • Pivot Table
  • Creating charts
  • Understanding relative and absolute cell reference
  • Using Auto-fill function

3. Using MS Access essentials to:

  • Creating a database to store, manage and enter data
  • Filtering and sorting data
  • Running queries
  • Producing reports

3. Using MS Outlook essentials to:

  • Send and receive emails
  • Storing emails by creating and editing folders
  • Inserting documents into emails
  • Creating signatures
  • Creating an email account
  • Using calendar
  • Using To-Do List

4. Using MS PowerPoint essentials to:

  • Create a catchy animated slide presentation
  • Adding Smart Art
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Inserting an image
  • Slide Transitions
  • Adding animations
  • Using the Design Tab
  • Printing slides
  • Target Audience

Target Audience:

This course is designed for users with a basic or self-taught understanding of the MS Office Suite application program. This course aims to further explore key features and functions and apply to a business setting to enable users to better understand how to apply in their own setting.

Participants at the end of this courseware will be better able to produce high quality/more productive business software material.


4 Weeks

Online and in-person available


High quality learning material including hands-on training and exercises, participants will also be presented with a certificate of achievement upon the completion of the course.

Course Fees

$630 + GST

To Find out more please call (02) 96350015 or email

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