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ERP/SAP Enduser Training - ONLINE Course (Full Phone Support)

The skills and knowledge covered in this course are designed for End Users of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to work within the finance module which includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, and generating the necessary reports in an online course.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this courseware participants will be able to:

·         Start, navigate around and exit from the live system

·         Use help system to obtain assistance

·         Modify accounts to suit specific business needs

·         Enter historical balances for customers and suppliers

·         Enter customer and supplier details

·         Make purchases from suppliers

·         Enter customer & supplier requisitions & orders

·         Pay for purchases that have been made from suppliers

·         Make sales to customers

·         Deal with more complex invoicing matters

·         Record customer payment

·         Write cheques to make payments

·         Perform a bank reconciliation

·         Produce a variety of business related reports

·         Understand how the system is used to track GST


Target Audience:

This course is designed primarily for people who have limited ERP computerised accounting experience. This course aims to build awareness and confidence in using an ERP software program, and to educate the participant of the application of such package. Key focus of the program is to educate the front-line user of an payable & receivables function officer. Navigating thru the ERP system & generating report. Participants must have previous computer Microsoft Windows applications experience.


1 Month - Delivered in 10 Sessions

·         Participants to work thru provided assessments in their own time at their own speed.

·         Delivered in 10 Sessions

Full Telephone Support offered to assist with the completion of this training.


1.    Training manual will be emailed across in PDF format

2.    ERP/SAP software will be provided via download link


High quality learning materials including real life sample exercise and function instructions will be provided.


Participants will also be presented with a certificate of achievement upon completion of the course.

Course Fees

$820 + GST

To Find out more please call (02) 96350015 or email

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